• Simple Solutions of Authentic Problems for People

    Transforming Our Problems - Tapping Our Potential

    • TOP is a platform for sharing replicable, sustainable solutions to real life challenges.
    • TOP is a platform for inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.
    • TOP solutions improve the wellbeing of humans and mother nature.
    • TOP inspires the young generation of digital natives to tackle existential community challenges
    • TOP leverages the wisdom of proven solutions and experienced entrepreneurs

    Inspiring Solutions that Leverage Technology

    • Fighting Hunger (Rabbit project)
    • Reducing Poverty (ELIMU TV, slums film, KWEN table banking)
    • Purifying Water (a link to: Kisumu)
    • Owning the Problem to Own the Solution
    • Nurturing Horizontal Leadership
    • Influencing Gender Equality (KWEN)
    • Reducing Crime (RODI )

    How Can I Join?

    There are a variety of entry points:

    • Share your solution or challenge (a link to: Great! You want to share your solution or challenge. First please make sure it meets the TOP criteria; if it does, proceed to…)
    • Connect through a TOP member in your area (here’s a list of TOP members)
    • Become a TOP member or supporter (a link to: Here’s how to become a member or supporter)
    • Join a TOP course (contact us for information about the TOP course nearest you)

    The TOP Network

    • TOP Regional Founder: A group of individuals or organizations that establish a local branch of TOP
    • TOP Member: Graduates of TOP courses and supporters
    • TOP Partner: An organization that joins TOP and signs an MOU
    • TOP Center: An individual/organization/institution that has solved a problem in a sustainable manner and can describe the process in an inspiring way
    • TOP Global:  The global network that develops and coordinates the international interface
    • TOPedia: The “Wikipedia” created by TOP
    • TOPmedia: The TOP channels of communication through which solutions can be shared (TOP on Youtube Elimu TV)
    • TOP tourism: Tourism that incorporates meetings to learn about TOP members and initiatives
  • Register TOP center

    Please fill in the following form if you and your organization wish to become a TOP center

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