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    What is TOP all about?


    TOP is a platform gathering replicable solutions to real life challenges aimed at improving the well being of humans and mother nature.

    TOP centers @TOP: TOP is made of TOP centers spread around the world gathering challenges, developing their own solutions and spreading TOP solutions that were developed in other TOP centers or found elsewhere. Each TOP center has a profile page in TOP website.

    NOP @TOP: Networks of People (NOP) are set up around each TOP centers. Each NOP will have a slider with the list of people with their profiles.

    COP @TOP: Communities of Practice are made of people who share the same interest in a specific challenge e,g education, water...They form a community to discuss the development and spread of solutions in their field of interest. People can be part of several COP

    SOP @TOP: Solution of a Problem - Solutions are made of a series of TED-like videos about real life challenges and get a full explanation about how to solve the problems through:

    • A holistic approach to the solutions that takes into account economic, social, and environmental aspects
    • Text, multimedia illustrations (photos, clips), and even software, explaining how to solve the problems
    • A list of the makers/inventors involved in the making of the solutions with whom you can communicate
    • A list of references

    TOP Founders are the people beyond the TOP initiative

    Students of all ages, educators, and inventors can access this platform, join an existing TOP center, create a TOP center, join COPs, learn from it, apply what they learn, and contribute to it by modifying the solutions, adding alternatives, and posting new challenges.

    TOP ...

    • Addresses basic life necessities
    • Improves quality of life
    • Offers solutions based on simple and available materials, tools, and techniques so that they are fully sustainable
    • Offers solutions that are easily duplicated
    • Ensures minimum maintenance costs

    TOP technology distribution

    • TOP technology is distributed under a public treaty to be accessible to people in poor, rural areas.
    • TOP technology solutions and distribution models address social, economic, and environmental issues
    • TOP inventors and contributors are credited and fairly endorsed

    The impulse for the TOP initiative

    TOP was created to fill the need for a place where people can find solutions to authentic problems and upload their own solutions to challenges. It fills the gaps that exist despite:


    TED – that provides a platform for some problem -solvers who have the opportunity to describe their solutions to a high level audience, and Websites – like instructables.com –that provide an excellent platform to document existing solutions, and discuss and share them with others.

    People and organizations behind TOP

    Kishorim Ltd. – Led by Eyal Bloch, Kishorim is an Israel-based social business company with more than 20 years of experience that specializes in sustainable development

    Ayala+.Net – An Israeli firm led by Philippe Scheimann that develops educational and business initiatives such as Steve's Garage and provides consulting services to organizations around the world.

    Philippe Scheimann and Eyal Bloch are the leaders of the TOP initiative.


    TOP invites organizations to be part of the alliance and contribute to its development.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to create a TOP center ?

    Please fill in the form and we'll get back to you

    What kind of challenges are you talking about?

    We address basic life necessities as well as challenges that are taking place in schools and universities.

    What kind of solutions are you taking about?

    We first focus on simple and replicable solutions.
    In addition, some solutions to challenges may require specific skills and know-how. Those solutions can be commercial and we'll compensate the inventors accordingly.

    How to suggest a challenge?

    If you are a TOP center, you can easily raise a challenge through online submission.

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