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    What if you could get both a series of TED-type videos about real life challenges and also a comprehensive DIY explanation about how to implement what you'd seen?

    TOP (Technology Of Peace) is a digital and offline platform sharing challenges and sustainable solutions related to poverty and hunger in a network connecting individuals and communities of doers and proven leaders across the globe.

    TOP Global is an initiative of the Institute of World Affairs (IWA) that provides training and resources to TOP regional centers. In October 2016, a group of six organizations in Kenya (Elimu TV, Qwen, RODI, Shofar, SCOPE, and Yard) decided to join forces and establish TOP Kenya. Their initial action was to create the first TOP Connectedness and Leadership course, which was successfully launched in February 2017 at RODI Center, Kenya.

    The TOP platform provides:

    • Holistic solutions encompassing economic & social/environmental factors
    • Explanations about how to solve problems, comprising multimedia illustrations (photos, clips), text, and open source software, if necessary
    • A list of the makers/inventors involved in the creation of the solutions with whom you can communicate directly
    • The opportunity to learn, contribute, apply and/or modify the existing solutions, and present new challenges


    • Addresses basic life necessities
    • Improves quality of life
    • Offers solutions based on simple and available materials, tools, and techniques so that they are fully sustainable
    • Offers solutions that are easily duplicated
    • Ensures minimum maintenance costs


    TOP technology distribution

    • TOP technology is distributed under a public treaty to be accessible to people in wherever they live.
    • TOP technology solutions and distribution models address social, economic, and environmental issues
    • TOP inventors and contributors are credited and fairly endorsed


    TOP Global invites organizations to be part of the alliance and contribute to its development.

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