• Connectedness Leadership Course (see article)
    Next course: February 2018
    Sponsor a participant: $900

    TOP is leading for the second year a “Connectedness and Leadership" course for 30 young social entrepreneurs from different parts of Kenya, taking place 26 Feb- 3 March 2018, continuing with a hands on project and ending with a 3-day workshop and graduation in July 2018.
    The main project of the course is around the building of a series of green-walls in a school located in the slums of Nairobi, there are 3 main components: technology, cosmetology and media

    The objectives of this course are to:

    • understand what TOP is all about,

    • move from the 'victim/needy mindset' into the prosumer/doer mindset,

    • create the Web Of Inspiring Actions / Success Stories in a way that can inspire others,

    • grow awareness on the importance of sharing,

    • develop a road map of actions and set a series of achievable goals to be completed before the second session of intensive training, and continue on one’s own, to get support and to learn and develop sustainable solutions to authentic challenges in one's community

    • understand the potential of Information and Communication Technology connected to ESD and start using it for the technology course

    • understand the potential of communication and media, how to tell a story and start using it for the communication course

    • Acquire knowledge and create a business around cosmetology


    Participants will create or join TOP centers so that solutions to challenges can be spread all over the country.

    The vision of TOP Kenya is to develop young leadership of youth that can connect:
    · Low-tech and High-tech
    · Permaculture and ICT
    · Human being and Mother nature
    · Their inner needs and abilities to outside challenges
    · The courage to think and act outside and inside the box.
    · Soil and Soul


    Target population

    Young adults (20-30). Best if the participants are affiliated to one of the 6 TOP Kenya Founding Members (Elimu TV Station. YARD Kenya, SCOPE Kenya, RODI, SHOPHAR and KWEN) or they can come independently after interview.



    Founding members of TOP Kenya, TOP Global : Eyal Bloch, Philippe Scheimann

    Dragonfly NGO: Emma Munuera, Media expert & story telling: Ran Levy Yamamori, Elisabeth Sperling,
    Green wall expert : Yaniv Fields


    About the course in 2017

    Each participant received a kit including a Raspberry PI3 subcomputer and electronic devices such as a humidity sensor. Participants were divided into groups and had to build a green wall providing food in urban environments (plants in recycled material with an automated irrigation system). This way, young adults were introduced to permaculture by using technology.The feedback session showed that the leadership training is having impressive results in areas as diverse as the building of green walls ( Here is a work of one of the certified participant) and the development and implementation of a viable business plan for a TV broadcasting service. Other participants developed a Computer Numerical Control machine (CNC) using the kit they received. Another one is working on the process to turn plastic into usable material such as oil and already made a demo.

    Feedback - Samples:
    Abner Otieno (SHOPHAR): Have you ever wondered how it would feel when all the years you spent in school were reduced to one week and the hard things now were more than possible but now a reality? That is the definition of the TOP week training where school is redone to fit the needs of our daily lives.
    Christopher Ondigi (YARD): I feel transformed like those who have received Jesus Christ their lives. I have shifted from “I cannot do it” to “I can, I am and am done”. With too many gaps in Kenya and the whole world at large, I am destined to fill as much as I can with the knowledge I have acquired at TOP-utilizing my brains to maximum potential.
    George Karema (YARD): Top kenya is an avenue I can use to explore and expound(transcend)on my potential in leadership, creativity, innovation, exposure to technology among others. It is a platform where we as youth(I included) can get to share knowledge as we tackle the problems facing the community or the country at large. As we endevour to help the community by providing solutions, we also get to develop ourselves.

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