• Connectedness Leadership Course

    Since 2009, the Jerusalem-based Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Institute has trained in Kenya over 800 people consisting of school head teachers , government officials, teachers, leaders of community organizations education officials, members of school boards of management etc.
    They were inspired to own their problems and to own the solutions. The shift of attitude from the victim mindset to proactive paved the way to transform problems to challenges to sustainable solutions. They solved existential problems like poverty, hunger,water pollution, security, education to the disable persons, school dropouts, drugs and substance abuse , youth at risk, etc
    In 2016 the work extended to poor women groups from poor and very needy background . The Women took intensive ESD seminar that transform and improve their live, but the most important was that they started to believe in themselves.
    In order to propagate solutions, involve and inspire more people, TOP was developed.
    TOP stands for Technology Of Peace, Transform Our Problem. It is designed for poor and disadvantage communities, to reach short-term success while improving life quality and building capacities at the same time.
    In October 2016, a group of civil society doers and leaders gathered at RODI to start TOP Kenya. They consist of head teachers who transformed their institutions into ESD model centres in Kenya ,Elimu TV Station. YARD Kenya, SCOPE Kenya, RODI and SHOPHAR Kenya.Others like KWEN Kenya have also come on board.
    The vision of TOP Kenya is to develop young leadership of youth that can connect:
    · Low-tech and High-tech
    · Permaculture and ICT
    · Human being and Mother nature
    · Their inner needs and abilities to outside challenges
    · The courage to think and act outside and inside the box.
    · Soil and Soul
    TOP is organizing a 3 month course named Connectedness leadership for 15 young social entrepreneurs from several different counties of Kenya later spread to the remaining 42 counties. The participants will create or join TOP centers so that solutions to challenges can be spread all over the country.
    The first lot will be for training of trainers.
    Below is the presentation


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