By Tapping Our Potential we Transform Our Problems using Technology Of Peace

A social & business initiative affiliated with the Institute of World Affairs


to improve the spiritual, social, or intellectual condition of



to improve the quality or usefulness of something, or change it for something newer or of a better standard



Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value. From waste to treasure


TOP is designed and developed as a growing Upcycle platform with a lively network of people, NGOs and businesses helping each other in sustainable development.

Sustainable development means Self development, Social development, Spiritual development and Simple.

TOP aims to share the proper conditions and tools to create a community for people, businesses and organizations, where they participate in an ecosystem of share knowledge, tools, resources, energy and inspiration, and cooperate to build and grow well beyond their individual capacities. TOP Global is the official distributor in Israel and in Kenya of the Swiss based AI leader company Global Data Excellence

Here is a very short sample of the activities of TOP Kenya Founding Organizations:

  • RODI (Resource Oriented Development Initiative): works with schools and prisons. Prisoners grow their own food, and become permaculture specialists

  • YARD: works with young girls at risk / prostitutes and teaches them to work in cosmetic salons/hairdressers.

  • SHOPHAR: a former headmaster, whose school and water purification system was visited by the President of Kenya and presented ESD at the UN in 2016.

  • ELIMU TV: broadcasts educational content to children who can’t afford to go to school

  • SCOPE: a network of 18 NGOs introducing permaculture in schools

  • KWEN: a network of 4000 women entrepreneurs using table banking and micro financing.

Sample of our activities

High impact activities

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From digital waste to social gold

Preambule Due to Covid-19, schools and universities all over the world closed for an indefinite lapse of time.  It required students to learn from home except that it was not[…]

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August 25, 2020 0

Interview in French on i24news of Philippe Scheimann, co-creator of T.O.P

Interview in French on i24news of Philippe Scheimann, co-creator of T.O.P about the activities of T.O.P especially in Kenya

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June 24, 2020 0

Murs verts – jardin potager – Video et article

Article dans 18h39 Au Kenya, il cultive un potager dans des bouteilles en plastique pour économiser l’eau

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June 6, 2020 0

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