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There are exciting ways you can sponsor our initiative

TOP stands for:
By Tapping Our Potential
We Transform Our Problems
Using Technology Of Peace

Over the past three years, we have developed the principles of TOP, and established a network of six local NGOs in Kenya that are now our proof of concept.

We launched multiple activities including

  • courses

  • start-ups with TOP graduates

  • partnerships with companies

  • a presentation at the Global Forum, an annual think tank conference.

We are now happy to present this network to the world.


TOP led a “Connectedness and Leadership" course for 14 young social entrepreneurs affiliated with TOP Kenya, beginning in February 2017, where they received a kit with subcomputer Raspberry PI, continued with a hands-on project and ended with a 3-day workshop and graduation in July 2017.

Here is an article about Justus Muraya, one of the TOP graduates, standing by his green-walls:

and some of the feedback from two TOP graduates:

“Have you ever wondered how it would feel when all the years you spent in school were reduced to one week, and hard things now were more than possible, but now a reality?” --Abner Otieno

“I have shifted from ‘I cannot do it’ to ‘I can, I am and am done.’” --Christopher Ondigi

The second edition of the course will take place Feb 27-March 2, 2018. Thirty community leaders will train in 3 different options:

  • Creating green-walls
  • Food upcycling and security
  • Sharing stories of local change-makers using video

At the end of the week, an accessible green-wall will have been set up at Joy Town School near Thika, Kenya. The teachers and the 385 physically challenged children will learn and practice the prosumer/ doer approach to problem-solving and improve their diet on a sustainable basis. For the next 4 months, trainees will work in their own communities, applying what they have learned and giving back by training others. Then, in July 2018, we will have a 2-day workshop where they will present their results followed by a graduation ceremony and music festival.

In this short video, you can meet the headmaster of Joy Town School who loves the idea of green-walls.

CALL TO ACTION - There are exciting ways you can sponsor our initiative:

  • $15 to feed one child for a year with the green-wall

  • $50: pay the Kenyan visa of one of the TOP global trainers

  • $100 : one person’s tuition for one day of a course

  • $300 : one person’s tuition for the whole course

  • $2,000 to set up the green-wall in Joy Town school

  • Become a TOPfriend: fill in the form


In the US: tax deductible donations to the Institute of World Affairs

In Europe: tax deductible donations to TOPglobal partner: DragonFly NGO

In Kenya: TOPKenya through PesaPal, Mpesa: 0722589003

In Israel: TOPglobal partner:Paypal to

Ethereum: 0xa4fC2b10F0b48EA2747aA04D29108f1F5Ccb7Af8

For more information please feel free to contact us - mail - phone

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