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Launch of TOP eXperience

Be inspired by remarkable people. Be part of the change

TOP Kenya and TOP Global are launching TOP eXperience and organizing this summer two different tours:

A tour of Israel

Discover the Holy Places. Walk where Jesus walked, where he preached, lived, and
performed miracles!!!
Connect with your spiritual roots
Be Inspired by local visionary entrepreneurs
Learn about Israeli agritech and permaculture

A tour of Kenya

A trip to Kenya, situated on the equator, offers a wealth of opportunities and is a perfect platform for an unforgettable, inspiring adventure.
It’s a combination of a fascinating safari, breathtaking vistas, and encounters with remarkable local people.
Between the East Indian Ocean coast and Lake Victoria in the west, with our professional staff and local guides, you will meet the people and organizations creating local, sustainable solutions to overcome poverty, disease, water pollution, and other existential challenges and experience their initiatives firsthand.

You will discover the indigenous tribes and their fascinating history and culture, and watch wild animals to learn about their lives in their unique ecosystems.
Why is it called TOP eXperience? During this tour, you will:

  • Learn about tea and coffee industry from #farm to #cup by meeting involved parties from the old way and the new ecosystem being put in place with TOP support
  • Meet with local entrepreneurs and experts in technology, upcycling, permaculture, medicinal herbs and more
  • Encounter groups of women who have been empowered and have improved substantially their income
  • Visit schools masters and pupils who are reducing running costs, bringing revenues thanks to ESD principles, and creating a good relationships between communities in conflict
  • Contribute with your know-how and experience
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