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Technology of Peace

Inspiring example by Justus Muraya Graduate of TOP Connectedness & Leadership course

Justus participated to the first Connectedness & Leadership Course in February-July 2017 and first learned about becoming a prosumer and building a green wall. This is an inspiring example of what people can do, when focusing on their own resources and Tapping their Own Potential. How Mathioya vegetable farmer cashes in on tea bonus Article in “Business Daily”,…
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December 31, 2017 0

What can be changed in just one year?

About Samuel amazing work in his school at Nakuru. Samuel passed away on November 5th 2017 Post written by Eyal Bloch This story is one out of dozens that happened as a result of intensive training of educators in ESD. Samuel, a kind man, is a schoolmaster at Nakuru. In 2013 he came to the…
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November 30, 2017 0