• Challenges

    Gathering life challenges - first list


    Water is the driving force of all nature.
    – Leonardo da Vinci

    How to:


    • Purify polluted water
    • Provide water

    Health & Well-being

    How to:

    • Improve the health of  learners
    • Improve the economic status of parents
    • Improve children's diets
    • Supplement lunch programs supported by parents
    • Understand why girls absent themselves from school for some days each month
    • Understand what causes fainting in school



    Toward renewable energy sources
    How to:

    • Brighten houses that are dark even during daytime
    • Heat a room for little money
    • Charge a cellular phone
    • Upcycle plastic: turn used plastic into diesel


    "Education is the only way we can make our world a better place."

    – Yanush Korczak

    How to:

    • Empower people with disabilities
    • Change negative attitudes
    • Clean up the environment
    • Deal with an education system that fails to equip young people with relevant knowledge and practical skills

    Tuning into the future

    How to:

    • Train people in PermaTech: Permaculture+HiTech 
    • Build a green wall and provide food
    • Make the most of open source software & hardware: e.g a Raspberry PI sub-computer
    • Maker's room
    • TOP coins as an alternate currency
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