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    Friends of TOP Global

    Friends of TOP Kenya

    How to become a Friend of TOP Kenya ?
    1. Financial contribution
    By sending a financial contribution to TOP Kenya, you become a Friend of TOP Kenya.
    Support students to register to the next Connectedness & Leadership Course. Donations (tax-deductible) are through Paypal to be sent to donate@iwa.org or through TOP Kenya Mpesa: 0722589003 . Contact James Otieno
    2. Support initiative
    By providing a support for initiatives (e.g. start-ups) of TOP Kenya, you become a Friend of TOP Kenya.
    3. Expertise
    By providing some expertise as a professional volunteer, abilities and resources to TOP Kenya, you become a Friend of TOP Kenya


    TOP Members

    1. How to become a Member of TOP Kenya ?
    - Each founding member of one of the 6 founding organizations is a member
    - Each participant of the Connectedness & Leadership Course who has received a signed certificate is a member
    - Any individual interested to become a member must go through a workshop or a course organized by TOP Kenya with the possible presence of TOP Global.
    It involves practical actions to be defined when taking the course.
    2. In-kind services
    Each certified member is expected to give back to TOP Kenya through in-kind services
    3. Future Workshops
    TOP Kenya will organize regularly workshops and courses that people attend actively and thus become members
    4. Payments
    Payments of the workshop and financial contributions to TOP Kenya organized by James Otieno (TOP Kenya coordinator)
    5. Newsletter
    A quarterly newsletter will be sent to TOP members as well as TOP friends.

    Contact us

    TOP Partners

    A general MOU to be signed with each of the organization. Then each project and initiative to be tackled independently.


    TOP eXperience

    Would you like to be inspired by visiting:
    - Kenya and meeting remarkable people and wild animals ?
    - Israel, the holy places and its technology
    Check for more details

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