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    TOP Kenya Founding Members are 6 NGOs and companies that have gone through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) training and wish to continue their efforts. They provide solutions to challenges such as hunger, water, violence, prisoners' reinsertion, microfinancing and more. Here is a very short sample of their activities and below more details.

    • RODI (Resource Oriented Development Initiative): works with schools and prisons: prisoners grow their own food, and become permaculture specialists, They become leaders in their community when they leave prison,
    • YARD: works with young girls at risk / prostitutes and teaches them to work in cosmetic salons/hairdressers. 
    • SHOPHAR: a former headmaster whose school and water purification system was visited by the President of Kenya. James Otieno presented ESD at the UN in 2016.
    • ELIMU TV: broadcasts educational content to children who can't afford to go to school
    • SCOPE: a network of 18 NGOs introducing permaculture in schools
    • KWEN: a network of 4000 women entrepreneurs with table banking and micro financing in Bomet area

    Elimu TV

    Nairobi, Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    Enabling Education for All Children and Youth through ICT/Media


    Contact: Jane Muthiga


    KWEN, Konyon Wenditai Empowerment Network

    KWEN, Konyon Wenditai Empowerment Network

    Bomet Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member


    The leading National Women Network in Women Empowerment in Kenya



    To holistically empower the community

    Our vision:

    We envision an empowered and productive society


    Contact: Angela Lesan, Lily Cronoh Koech
    Email: alesan@kwen.org, lilyronoh@kwen.org


    Kisumu Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    The word “Shophar” is Hebrew word meaning horn or trumpet (Britannica Encyclopedia) To the Hebrew mind horns were potent symbols (Bill Bratt) and horns were blown:
    on joyful occasions
    to confuse enemies
    at the beginning of every month
    to call sacred assembly
    as the sound of war
    Shophar Kenya, metaphorically shall make a breakthrough for ESD within the SDG’s remaining period for communities to embrace change for sustainable development as we “blow” the Shophar during implementation. The Shophar shall be “blown” to break “walls” that prevent sustainable social, economic, environmental and cultural development of our society like the walls of biblical Jericho that fell down when the Shophar was blown (Joshua 6:1ff) – and the enemies fled away.
    Kisumu City, Nyamasaria, opposite Nyamasaria Pr. School.
    P.O. Box 2038 Kisumu 40100
    Tel: +254 722 589003, +254 733 980229


    Muranga Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    Existing solutions:
    Water, Health, Education

    The community should be encouraged to harvest rain water to cater for their daily use.

    In terms of Health the community has been able to learn how to wash their hands after visiting the toilets and before eating.

    Children should be taught on practical Skills at a tender age.

    Contact: Sebastian Maina
    Email: mainaseb@yahoo.com

    Resources Oriented Development Initiatives

    Kiambu Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    Resources Oriented Development Initiatives (RODI Kenya) is a kenyan development organization with a primary focus on restorative prisoner rehabilitation, crime prevention and administration of justice.

    RODI Kenya has a mission of promoting human dignity among communities in Kenya and Eastern Africa countries through enhanced food security, health and crime prevention.

    Contact:Eliud Ngunjiri

    Email: eliud.ngunjiri @yahoo.com

    Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme

    Thika Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    SCOPE Kenya, which is a network of 18 civil society organizations, work with schools and communities in 11 counties. We promote an integrated and holistic approach to land use for food production, income generation and environmental conservation, something that our school curriculum lack.


    Contact : John Macharia – SCOPE
    Email: scope@scopekenya.net or scopekenya7@gmail.com

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