Next TOP eXperience around tea and coffee – contact us

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Next TOP eXperience around tea and coffee – contact us

December 23, 2019 uplift 0

TOP Global and TOP Kenya are pleased to invite you to join a small group of persons for 11 days of TOP eXperience in Kenya

Why is it called TOP eXperience? During this tour, you will:

  • Learn about tea and coffee industry from #farm to #cup by meeting involved parties from the old way and the new ecosystem being put in place with TOP support
  • Meet with local entrepreneurs and experts in technology, upcycling, permaculture, medicinal herbs and more
  • Encounter groups of women who have been empowered and have improved substantially their income
  • Visit schools masters and pupils who are reducing running costs, bringing revenues thanks to ESD principles, and creating a good relationships between communities in conflict
  • Participate to business conference on data excellence, blockchain, industry 4.all and mixed farming
  • Contribute with your know-how and experience
  • also have time forĀ  a safari